World Series 2014 - SFGMC Lobs Friendly Wager to Heartland Men’s Chorus

The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus is confident that our San Francisco Giants will continue their victory streak with a third World Series win in 5 years. Should the Kansas City Royals sneak their way to victory, the proud men of SFGMC will offer the following:

1. SFGMC Artistic Director Dr. Tim Seelig will conduct a rehearsal in a Kansas City Royalettes jersey. He might even wear one of those little crown things (that look like an air freshener gone wrong).

2. SFGMC will send See’s Chocolates, a San Francisco treat and Chorus sponsor, for the entire Heartland Men's Chorus to enjoy with their victory.

3. SFGMC will provide two free airline tickets and one night hotel accommodations in San Francisco for Heartland Men’s Chorus to use as they wish.

4. SFGMC will make a video singing whichever Kansas City “theme song” they can scrounge up, if there is one, for all their social media gloating. If there isn't one, we’ll sing “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” knowing most of you have.


5. If the Royals win in 4, SFGMC's Tim Seelig will leave the outgoing voicemail for Heartland Men's Chorus Director Dustin Cates.

Watch Dr. Tim Seelig present the bet below:

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