The role of the Golden Gate Performing Arts, Inc. Board of Directors is to support the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus in its mission to create extraordinary music and experiences that build community, inspire activism, and foster compassion at home and around the world. The Board maintains oversight of the mission, financial and fiduciary management, maintaining public trust in the institution, hiring and evaluation of executive staff, and support for executive staff. Through appreciation and respect for the organization’s history, the Board leads the organization as visionaries for the future.


  • Keith Pepper, Chair

  • Tiffany Apczynski, Vice Chair

  • Eric Chau, Secretary

  • William Vastardis, Treasurer

  • Tom Paulino, Chorus President

  • Cammy Blackstone

  • Meghan Cast

  • Glenn DeSandre

  • Kenyon DeVault

  • Denise Geschke

  • Leslie Ann Jones

  • Monica MacMillan

  • Robert Moon

  • Chris Padula

  • Tim Pavek

  • Paul Saccone

  • Christopher Weber

  • Ahmed Zaeem