Making music.

Making history.

During the fall of 1978, a call went out to men in and around the Castro who liked to sing inviting them to a gathering with the purpose of possibly creating a chorus.  The driving force was Jon Sims, the conductor of the Freedom Band.  October 30 was chosen as the date of the first “rehearsal” to be held at Everett Middle School.  The word went out, flyers posted around the neighborhood.

Interest mounted leading up to that first gathering held at Everett Middle School.  Around 100 men showed up on the first night.  The atmosphere of excitement was described as palpable.  The men sang “If They Could See Me Now” and “Stouthearted Men”!

Jon Sims conducted the first couple of rehearsals, planning to call the group “Men About Town.”   Other suggested names for the group (seriously) were Foggy City Chorus and Homosexual Choir (“gay” was still considered denigrating).  After a few weeks, Dick Kramer was brought on to conduct the new group and, thank goodness, they settled on the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus.  It turned out to be a fortuitous decision.  One of the small groups did keep the name “Men About Town.”  By the way, the original name of the SF Gay and Lesbian Freedom Band was the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Marching Band and Twirling Corps.


The rest of the story is now legendary and suitable for movie scripts.  At the 4th rehearsal, on November 27, having spent the day with the news of Harvey Milk and George Moscone’s assassinations, the singers showed up to rehearsal grief-stricken and in shock.  Dick Kramer passed out Mendelsohn’s “Thou, Lord our Refuge.”  They all went from there to City Hall steps for the candlelight vigil where they performed for the very first time.

Little did the men who gathered those 35 years ago know they were actually giving birth to a world-wide LGBT Choral phenomenon that now boasts hundreds of choruses around the globe.

In November of 1978, from the steps of San Francisco City Hall, the world's first openly gay men's chorus sang in public for the very first time. It was at a candlelight vigil for Harvey Milk, the day he was murdered. The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus toured the country, inspired thousands, and helped to ignite the worldwide gay and lesbian choral movement. The complete history of the Chorus can be found on Wikipedia.


The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus creates extraordinary musical experiences that inspire community, activism, and compassion.


We envision a world inspired and unified by the music we create.


We believe in the transformative power of music to heal, to enlighten and to foster unity.
We embrace the life affirming changes we create within and beyond our chorus community.
We evolve society’s views toward LGBT people through our commitment to excellence.
We honor all who came before us and whose sacrifices made it possible for us to raise our voices.
Artistic Directors & Conductors

Jon Reed Sims (October - December 1978) Founder

Dick Kramer (December 1978 - January 1982)

Ernie Veniegas (June 1982– December 1985)

Gregg Tallman (August 1985 - June 1989)

Dr. Stan Hill (July 1989 - July 2000). Conductor Laureate, July 2012

Dr. Kathleen McGuire (August 2000 - December 2010). Conductor Laureate, January 2011.

Dr. Timothy Seelig (Guest Conductor February - June 2009, Artistic Director January 2011 – Present)

  • Tours America '81 (Golden Gate Records LP 1981, CD 1992)
  • How Fair This Place (1991)
  • Brahms, Bernstein, & the Boys! (1993)
  • Our Gay Apparel (September 1995, December 2003)
  • NakedMan (July 1996)
  • ExtrABBAganza! (April 1997)
  • Q (1998)
  • Our Boys Will Shine (1998)
  • Misbehavin' with Nell Carter (May 1999)
  • Sing Me to Heaven (July 2000)
  • Exile (June 2000)
  • Best of SFGMC (June 2001)
  • I Dream of a Time (November 2001)
  • SFGMC Does Queen (June 2002)
  • Closer Than Ever, 25th Anniversary Concert (May 2004)
  • Oh, Happy Day! (July 2004)
  • Home for the Holidays - Live at the Castro Theatre (June 2005)
  • Divas' Revenge: Opera & Broadway Our Way (November 2005)
  • Cowboys, Boas and Bears! Oh, My! (June 2006)
  • Why We Sing (DVD June 2007)
  • USS Metaphor (DVD, May 2008)
  • Creating Harmony: 30th Season Highlights and New World Waking (double CD, Dec. 2008)
  • A Few Licks (February 2009)
  • Tune In, Turn Up, Sing Out (June 2009)
  • California Freedom Tour 2010 (May 2010)
  • Words (April 2011)
  • Testimony (DVD March 2012)
  • Enchantingly Wicked (June 2012)
  • I Am Harvey Milk (October 2013)
  • Illuminate: Live at 35 (July 2014)

Artistic & Administrative Staff

Dr. Timothy Seelig
Artistic Director & Conductor
Dr. Timothy Seelig is a conductor, singer, teacher and motivational speaker. In addition to Artistic Director of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, he continues a busy guest-conducting schedule throughout the U.S. and across the globe. He is Conductor Emeritus of the Turtle Creek Chorale, which he conducted for 20 years, co-founded The Women’s Chorus of Dallas and taught on the faculty at Southern Methodist University for 14 years.

To read Dr. Seelig’s full bio, click here.
Christopher Verdugo
Executive Director
Christopher Verdugo joins SFGMC as the new Executive Director on Monday, September 12, 2016. Most recently, Verdugo served as the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles. Before working with GMCLA, Verdugo founded his own production company, creating and producing major fundraising events and galas in Los Angeles for leading LGBT organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), GMCLA and Beinestar. He has also served as Director of Development (Southern California) for Equality California and Special Events and Major Gifts Manager of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. He received his BA from the New World School of Performing Arts.

Artistic Staff

Lynden Bair

Artistic Coordinator

Carl Pantle

Principal Accompanist
Music Director, Vocal Minority

James Eakin III


Eric Carlson

Music Director, The Lollipop Guild

Sanford Smith

Music Director, SWAG

Mitch Galli

Music Director, HomoPhonics


Thom Vindiola

Operations Director

Wil Wright

Development Manager

Peter Zimmerman

Marketing Manager

Tony McIntosh

Merchandise Coordinator

Melvin Fujikawa

Member Services Coordinator

Ryan Nunez

Interim Administrative Coordinator

Volunteer Staff

Steve Valdez

Production Coordinator

Board of Directors

The role of the Golden Gate Performing Arts Board of Directors is to support the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus in its mission to create extraordinary musical experiences that inspire community, activism, and compassion. The Board maintains oversight of the mission, financial and fiduciary management, maintaining public trust in the institution, hiring and evaluation of Executive staff, and support for Executive staff. Through appreciation and respect for the organization’s history, the Board leads the organization as visionaries for the future.

Executive Committee
Dennis Stradford


Steve Huffines

Vice Chair

William Vigna


Sal Baglieri


Community Members
  • Deborah Boccuzzi
  • Peter Drake
  • John Ybarra
Singing Members
  • Glenn DeSandre, Chorus President
  • Dan Aaron
  • Mike Bernard
  • Steve Burton
  • Andre Farris
  • Gregory Marks
  • Paul Saccone

The Legacy Society

Laying The Groundwork For The Future Of The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus

The Legacy Society of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is an illustrious group of patrons, donors and singers who, through their visionary philanthropy, have made a commitment to ensuring the Chorus’ future by remembering the Chorus in their estate plans.

In particular, we are thankful to have been the recipient of generous gifts in recent years through the visionary estates of Michael Ancil Clark Living Trust, Robert Roy Emery Trust, Jerry Geller and Ken Sullivan, James H. Jones Asset Trust, William G. Stephens Revocable Trust, and Archibald Wilson.

Our Legacy Society members ensure that the transformative power of our music will continue to heal, enlighten, and foster unity. Together – we dream of a world where people are drawn together by the extraordinary musical experiences the Chorus creates.

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus expresses its deep appreciation to the following Legacy Society members who have contributed to the Chorus’ future through an estate gift:

  • Daniel P. Aaron
  • Al Abramowitz
  • Norman Abramson + David Beery
  • Neil Austin + Tom Burtch
  • Sal Baglieri + Peter Cirincione
  • Michael Bankert
  • Joseph Bondi
  • John H.J. Cashman + Jack J. Ledbetter
  • Joe Castrovinci + Gordon Smith
  • Mrs. Pansy Chan
  • Terrence Chan
  • Rick Crane
  • Joe Czuberki
  • Brent Dawson
  • Bud Dillon
  • Dr. Mark L. Hamner
  • Howard Hart
  • Dan Joraanstad + Bob Hermann
  • Rich Lang
  • Michael Levy + Michael Golden
  • Johnny Lewis
  • Gregory J. Marks
  • Bob Michels + Stephanie Daffer
  • J. Robert Mitchell + Jaime L. Caban Jr.
  • Mark Short + Carl Ray

Together – we honor the legacies of those who have come before us and continue to empower us to raise our voices.

To learn how you too can include SFGMC in your estate planning, or to complete a Declaration of Intent, please contact Wil Wright, Development Manager, at (415) 865-3650 or Thank you.

The Lollipop Guild

The Lollipop Guild was founded as a barbershop quartet in 1979 and is recognized as the world’s first openly gay vocal ensemble. Since then, The Lollipop Guild has grown to an ensemble that features light-hearted and upbeat styles of singing, with rich harmonies and dazzling choreography.

Vocal Minority

Vocal Minority was founded in 2003 during the Chorus’ landmark 25th anniversary season reviving an ensemble Vocal Minority that had began in 1980. Vocal Minority guarantees to sing its way into everyone’s hearts. Their repertoire ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, with luscious choral sound as its backbone.


Formed in 2013, SWAG brings a unique soulful beat to their performances. Focusing on gospel, R&B and pop genres, SWAG was formed to focus on outreach to underserved and minority communities, especially youth. Performances have included San Francisco’s Martin Luther King commemorations.


SFGMC’s newest vocal ensemble, HomoPhonics, began as a result of the recent a cappella craze. Focusing on musical cohesion without instruments, the group uses arrangements that feature tight, dynamic harmonies and vibrant, upbeat rhythms.

With nearly 300 active members, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is a wealth of talent, but this group of men is also a family of love and support, celebrating our gay pride through musical excellence.

SFGMC is a great place to meet people while doing something enjoyable and worthwhile. In addition to our regular concert series, we have appeared with celebrities, on television, for benefits, parades and fund-raisers, and we have toured to other states and countries. There is always a lot going on, and you are encouraged to become as involved in as many additional activities and performances as you are able.

Our family is always growing and welcoming new members, so feel free to audition if you would like to join the fun.

SFGMC Presents "Viva Las Gaygas: A Casino Cabaret - SFOasis - 30

“Dragathon Is Burning”
Saturday, May 14, 2016

Event raises much-needed funds for SFGMC’s Financial Assistance Network (FAN)

Today, San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC) and the SFGMC Divas announced its 5th Annual Dragathon event – “Dragathon Is Burning!” – on Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at The Café (2369 Market St., San Francisco), raising much-needed funds for the SFGMC Financial Assistance Network (FAN). Admission is free.

“Five years ago, the idea of Dragathon was born at a Chorus member’s birthday party,” says SFGMC Divas leader, Richie Perez. “The Divas banded together to figure out how we could turn it around to benefit the Chorus. Our inaugural event launched in 2011, and it has grown in both size and funds raised every year!”

This year’s Dragathon theme comes from Jennie Livingston’s legendary 1990 documentary “Paris Is Burning,” which focused on ball culture in New York City in the mid-to-late 1980s. The film looks at the LGBT experience (with a focus on African-American and Latino communities) through a multitude of lenses – race, class, sexuality, gender and performance – and has been critically acclaimed since its release for its humanity and candor. The film is a vital chapter in LGBT history.

Perez writes, “We wanted to take Dragathon up a notch this year. We’re enamored with our drag originators and predecessors that we wanted to pay homage to them – but with a San Francisco twist!”

Dragathon is a five-week crowd-funding campaign where individuals compete for the title of Ms. Dragathon 2016 – and, in the spirit of “Paris is Burning” – join houses that collectively raise money for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus’ Financial Assistance Network. Since Dragathon’s inception, the SFGMC Divas have raised over $102,000 for the Chorus’ FAN network.

For more information, please visit

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