The Jon Reed Sims Society of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is an illustrious group of patrons, donors and singers who, through their visionary philanthropy, have made a commitment to ensuring the Chorus’ future by remembering the Chorus in their estate plans.

In particular, we are thankful to have been the recipient of generous gifts in recent years through the visionary estates of Michael Ancil Clark Living Trust, Robert Roy Emery Trust, Jerry Geller and Ken Sullivan, James H. Jones Asset Trust, William G. Stephens Revocable Trust, and Archibald Wilson.

Our Jon Reed Sims Society members ensure that the transformative power of our music will continue to heal, enlighten, and foster unity. Together – we dream of a world where people are drawn together by the extraordinary musical experiences the Chorus creates.

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus expresses its deep appreciation to the following Jon Reed Sims Society members who have contributed to the Chorus’ future through an estate gift:

  • Daniel P. Aaron
  • Al Abramowitz
  • Norman Abramson + David Beery
  • Neil Austin + Tom Burtch
  • Sal Baglieri + Peter Cirincione
  • Michael Bankert
  • Joseph Bondi
  • John H.J. Cashman + Jack J. Ledbetter
  • Joe Castrovinci + Gordon Smith
  • Mrs. Pansy Chan
  • Terrence Chan
  • Rick Crane
  • Joe Czuberki
  • Brent Dawson
  • Bud Dillon
  • Dr. Mark L. Hamner
  • Howard Hart
  • Dan Joraanstad + Bob Hermann
  • Rich Lang
  • Michael Levy + Michael Golden
  • Johnny Lewis
  • Gregory J. Marks
  • Bob Michels + Stephanie Daffer
  • J. Robert Mitchell + Jaime L. Caban Jr.
  • Mark Short + Carl Ray

Together – we honor the legacies of those who have come before us and continue to empower us to raise our voices.

To learn how you too can include SFGMC in your estate planning, or to complete a Declaration of Intent, please contact (415) 865-3650. Thank you.