The Lollipop Guild

The Lollipop Guild was founded as a barbershop quartet in 1979 and is recognized as the world’s first openly gay vocal ensemble. Since then, The Lollipop Guild has grown to an ensemble that features light-hearted and upbeat styles of singing, with rich harmonies and dazzling choreography.

Vocal Minority

Vocal Minority was founded in 2003 during the Chorus’ landmark 25th anniversary season reviving an ensemble Vocal Minority that had began in 1980. Vocal Minority guarantees to sing its way into everyone’s hearts. Their repertoire ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, with luscious choral sound as its backbone.


Formed in 2013, SWAG brings a unique soulful beat to their performances. Focusing on gospel, R&B and pop genres, SWAG was formed to focus on outreach to underserved and minority communities, especially youth. Performances have included San Francisco’s Martin Luther King commemorations.


SFGMC’s newest vocal ensemble, HomoPhonics, began as a result of the recent a cappella craze. Focusing on musical cohesion without instruments, the group uses arrangements that feature tight, dynamic harmonies and vibrant, upbeat rhythms.