Thank YOU!

SFGMC’s donors and subscribers allow us to continue to create extraordinary music and experiences that inspire community, activism, and compassion.

Season 41 was another banner year and the beginning of a bold new future for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. Your support and dedication to our mission and values makes a difference.

Our new sustaining supporter program for Season 42 is coming in September, please call (415) 865-3650 or email [email protected] for more information.

Season 41


CO-PRESENTER [$15,000]

Joseph Bondi
Terrence Chan + Edward Sell
The Wolfgang E. Giesecke + William Vastardis Family Fund

DIAMOND [$10,000]

Tiffany, Dan + Sadie Apczynski

Janet Cluff
Joe Czuberki
André Farris
Sean Livingston + Jeremy Pelkey
Paul Saccone + Ryan Knight

RUBY [$7,500]

Keith Pepper + Ken Raith

EMERALD [$5,000]

Bruce Carpenter
Nick Harper
Steve Huffines
Dan Joraanstadt + Bob Hermann
Andy and Monica MacMillan

SAPPHIRE [$2,500]

Michael Bankert
Jamie Caban + Rob Mitchell
Dr. Glenn DeSandre + Pierce Gould
Justin Donahue + Aaron Smith
Fritz Applegate King
Gregory Marks
Chris Padula
Michael Tate + Simon O’Mahony

PEARL [$1,200]

Maren Amdal + Family
Camelin Blackstone
Kenyon DeVault
Dr. Timothy Seelig + Dan England
Skip Schneider + Brian Winsor
Christopher Verdugo
Aditya Wresniyandaka