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SFGMC’s donors and subscribers allow us to continue to create extraordinary music and experiences that inspire community, activism, and compassion.

Season 41 was another banner year and begin a bold new future for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. Your support and dedication to our mission and values makes a difference.

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CO-PRESENTER [$15,000]

Joseph Bondi
Terrence Chan + Edward Sell
The Wolfgang E. Giesecke + William Vastardis Family Fund

DIAMOND [$10,000]

Tiffany, Dan + Sadie Apczynski

Janet Cluff
Joe Czuberki
André Farris
Sean Livingston + Jeremy Pelkey
Paul Saccone + Ryan Knight

RUBY [$7,500]

Keith Pepper + Ken Raith

EMERALD [$5,000]

Bruce Carpenter
Nick Harper
Steve Huffines
Dan Joraanstadt + Bob Hermann
Andy and Monica MacMillan

SAPPHIRE [$2,500]

Michael Bankert
Jamie Caban + Rob Mitchell
Dr. Glenn DeSandre + Pierce Gould
Justin Donahue + Aaron Smith
Fritz Applegate King
Gregory Marks
Chris Padula
Michael Tate + Simon O’Mahony

PEARL [$1,200]

Maren Amdal + Family
Camelin Blackstone
Kenyon DeVault
Dr. Timothy Seelig + Dan England
Skip Schneider + Brian Winsor
Christopher Verdugo
Aditya Wresniyandaka